Complete List of Papers in Conferences: 369

Presented below are the complete list of papers that have been presented in National and International conferences by me and my students. I have uploaded the abstracts for each and every research paper. These abstracts can be accessed by clicking on the titles of the respective papers. Please note that I have provided the abstracts in Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader that can be downloaded freely from Adobe.

I also wish to point out that the work given here is copyright of the authors.

Readers who are interested in any of the papers, or the results contained there, are welcome to mail me with questions, doubts, comments, suggestions, and I shall try my best to reply. Time, is the greatest constraint, though.

Happy Reading...

[ps: I am currently engaged in the process of putting together a separate webpage that contains the complete list of invited lectures and talks to which I have been invited along with the prepared text... This list does contain many of the invited lectures, but I have not individually distinguished them. I prefer to be buliding a separate page for invited lectures and guest talks...]

S.No. Name of the Conference Date and Venue Title of the Research Paper Name of the Authors
1. All India Seminar in Algebra 7-10 Dec. 1978, R.I.A.M. Univ.of Madras. On the Zero Divisor Conjecture in Group rings   W.B.Vasantha
2. All India Symposium in Algebra  20-24 Nov 1979, R.I.A.M. Univ.of Madras. On Super modular lattices W.B.Vasantha
3. Tamil Nadu Academy of sciences Meetings 17thNov. 1990, A.C.College Campus, Univ. of Madras Super Boolean algebras W.B.Vasantha
4. 56th Annual Conference, Indian Mathematical Society 27-30 Dec. 1990, South Gujarat Univ. Quasi-Regular elements in loop algebra W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
5. Diamond Jubilee Session of the National Academy of Sciences 3-5 May 1991, Allahabad. Semi Simplicity of Loop Rings of Finite Loops W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
6. China-Japan International Symposium on Ring Theory 20-25 Oct.1991 Guangxi Teachers Univ.,China Semi-Idempotents in the Group Ring of a Cyclic Group Over the Field of Rationals  W.B.Vasantha
7. 61st Annual Session, The National Academy of sciences 19-21 Dec. 1991, Meerut Relation between J(FL) and W(FL) in Loop Algebras W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
8. -do-  -do- Covering Radius of Cyclic Code and that of its Orthogonal Code W.B.Vasantha and N.Suresh Babu 
9. One Day Symposium on Advances in Mathematics 22ndDec.1991, IIT Madras A new approach to ring theory W.B.Vasantha


57th Annual Conference, Indian Mathematical Society. 27-30 Dec. 1991, Aligarh Muslim Univ., Aligarh  Orthogonal ideals in group rings W.B.Vasantha and N.Suresh Babu
11. -do- -do- Study of some special elements in loop Algebras W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
12. International conference on algebra and its applications 3-5 Nov. 1992, Aligarh Muslim Univ. Strongly Modular Lattices W.B.Vasantha
13. -do- -do- Modularity and quasi-modularity in loops and subloops W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
14. -do- -do- Orthogonal codes in semigroup rings W.B.Vasantha and N.Suresh Babu
15. One Day Symposium on Mathematical Methods and Applications 22nd Dec. 1992, IIT Madras. S-Lattices W.B.Vasantha and S.Sridhar
16. -do- -do- Orthogonal ideals as codes in semi group rings W.B.Vasantha and N.Suresh Babu
17. -do- -do- A new identity in lattices  W.B.Vasantha
18. 58th annual conference, Indian Mathematical Society 22-25 Mar 1993, Banaras Hindu Univ. Idempotents in loop algebras W.B.Vasantha
19. -do-  -do-  A note on the modular semi group ring of a finite idempotent semigroup W.B.Vasantha
20. -do-  -do-  On SI radical in group rings  W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
21. National Seminar on Algebra and its applications 17-18 Apr.1993, Bharathidasan University On some Linear codes using semigroup rings W.B.Vasantha and N.Suresh Babu 
22. -do-  -do-  Orthogonal ideals in lattices and its applications to codes  W.B.Vasantha
23. -do-  -do-  A new definition for lattices  W.B.Vasantha and M.S.Sridhar
24. -do-  -do-  Orthogonal ideals in the loop ring Z2L and applications to codes  W.B.Vasantha and S.A.Anburaj
25. Mathematical Methods and Applications  22nd Dec. 1993, IIT Madras On rank distance codes and their covering radius W.B.Vasantha and N.Suresh Babu
26. -do-  -do-  Semi idempotents in loop Algebras W.B.Vasantha
27. -do-  -do-  On inner commutative groups W.B.Vasantha and A.Govindarajan
28. -do-  -do-  On the two sided ideals of the group ring Z2S3  W.B.Vasantha and N.Saravana Namb irajan
29. Annual Conference of Ramanujan Society 17-19 May 1994 University of Trivandrum On circulant rank codes W.B.Vasantha and N.Suresh Babu 
30. Mathematical methods and applications 23rd Dec. 1994, IIT Madras Study of the new class of loops W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh 
31. -do- -do- Strong Modularity of subloops in loops W.B.Vasantha
32. -do- -do- On Perfect Rank Codes W.B.Vasantha and N. Suresh Babu
33. -do- -do-  On Semipotent Elements of a Ring W.B.Vasantha and D.Meiyappan 
34. 60th Annual Conference, Indian Mathematical Society 27-30 Dec 1994, University of Poona On Chinese Groups W.B.Vasantha
35. -do-  -do- Commutator and Associator of a new class of loops  W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
36. -do- -do- Single Error Correcting Rank Distance Code :A Characterization  W.B.Vasantha and N.Suresh Babu
37. Algebra and its Applications 1-3 Feb. 1995, Univ. of Madras Representations and Isotopes of a New Class of loops W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
38. Proceedings of the Fuzzy Mathematics Workshop 28-31 Mar 1995, Keman, Iran Fuzzy Subloops of some Special Loops W.B.Vasantha
39. Mathematical Methods And applications  22d Dec. 1995, IIT, Madras Semirings Which Are Marot Semirings W.B.Vasantha
40. -do-  -do- Fuzzy sets Theory Application –to Transportation Problem of Passengers travelling in a bus W.B.Vasantha and V.Indra
41. -do-  -do- Performance Aspects of Concatenated RD-codes
42. -do-  -do- Associative and Non-associative Semirings using Boolean Algebras
43. -do- -do- The Best Alternative for an urban mass Transportation Project using Triangular Fuzzy Numbers
W.B.Vasantha and V.Indra
44. -do- -do- Construction and study of New Classes of Infinite Groupoids W.B.Vasantha and S.Karthikeyan
45. -do- -do- Fuzzy cosets of Fuzzy subsets, Fuzzy subgroups and their generalizations W.B.Vasantha and D.Meiyappan
46. -do- -do- Prime Matrices and Prime Operators Their Fuzzification W.B.Vasantha and P.L.Narasimhan
47. -do- -do- Boolean Parity Check Codes W.B.Vasantha, R.Sujatha and P.L.Narasimhan
48. 62nd Annual Conference, Indian Mathematical Society 22-25 Dec 1996, IIT, Kanpur On Balanced Lattices W.B.Vasantha and S.Venkateswaran
49. -do-  -do- On Boolean-Vector like structures W.B.Vasantha 
50. -do-  -do- On CO-rings W.B.Vasantha and S.Uma
51. -do- -do- On semi-super Boolean algebras W.B.Vasantha and N. Suresh Babu 
52. -do-  -do- On a subring link relation in rings W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
53. -do- -do- Note on lower and upper approximations in a fuzzy group W.B.Vasantha and D. Meiyappan
54. 9th MINI-EURO conference on Fuzzy Sets in Traffic and Transport Systems 17-19 Sep 1997, Budva- Yugoslavia. Estimation of parameters in transportation problems by triangular fuzzy numbers over internet using Java programming W.B.Vasantha, V.Indra and S.Mandalam 
55. International Conference on Algebra and it's Applications 13-16 Nov 1997, Aligarh Muslim Univ., Aligarh Groupoids in the construction of finite Machines W.B.Vasantha
56. -do-  -do- Circulant Rank Codes in Communication Channels W.B.Vasantha and N. Suresh Babu
57. -do- -do- Transportation Problem -- An Algebraic Approach via Matrices
W.B.Vasantha and V. Indra
58. -do- -do- Fuzzy Symmetric Groups and its Applications in Chemistry W.B.Vasantha and D.Meiyappan
59. -do- -do- Loops and its Applications to Proper Edge Colouring of the Graph K_2n W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
60. Conference on Mathematics   23-24 Dec1997, Lucknow Univ. Finite Groupoids using integers W.B.Vasantha
61. -do- -do-  On Loop Algebras W.B.Vasantha
62. Mathematical Methods And Applications 22 Dec. 1997, IIT, Madras. Semigroup rings which are E-Rings W.B.Vasantha
 63. -do-  -do- Fuzzy groupoid and its fuzzy extension chains W.B.Vasantha and D.Meiyappan
64. -do- -do- On rank distance codes over arbitrary integer rings W.B.Vasantha and R.Sujatha
 65. -do- -do- Some special elements of loop algebras of power associative loops W.B.Vasantha and A.Anitha Devi
66. -do- -do- Determination of the best parameter in data analysis of a transportation problem W.B.Vasantha and V.Indra
67. -do- -do- A semi-lattice theory approach to the design of fault tolerant systems W.B.Vasantha
68. 63rd Annual Conference, Indian Mathematical Society 27-30 Dec 1997, N.A.C.S. College Ahmednagar Unique product and two unique product loops and their loop algebras W.B.Vasantha and A.Anitha Devi
69. -do-  -do- On quasi non associative semivector spaces W.B.Vasantha and N.Suresh Babu
 70. -do- -do- Bigroup and Fuzzy Bigroup W.B.Vasantha and D.Meiyappan 
71. -do- -do- Isotopes of Loops W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
72. -do- -do- Zero divisors in integral loop algebras W.B.Vasantha 
 73. -do- -do- Hyperrings (Zn,q) W.B.Vasantha and V.Vaithiyanathan
74. -do- -do- Equational classes on Modular lattices W.B.Vasantha
75. -do- -do- Applications of Fuzzy set Theory to passenger Transportation Problem W.B.Vasantha and V.Indra
76. -do- -do- On influential subgroups and normal subgroups of a group W.B.Vasantha and R.Sujatha
77. International Conference on Recent developments in Mathematical Analysis with Applications to Industrial Problems 2-5 Mar. 1998, Banaras Hindu University Fuzzy Continuous Map on Groups W.B.Vasantha and D.Meiyappan
78. -do-  -do- Maximizing the Passengers comfort in Madras Metropolitan Transport Corporation using Fuzzy Programming W.B.Vasantha and V.Indra
 79. -do- -do- Effective Erasure Codes for reliable computer communication protocols using codes over arbitrary integers rings W.B.Vasantha and R.Sujatha
 80. 8th World Conference on Transport Research 12-17 July 1998, Antwerp-Belgium Estimation of the parameters and the interval of confidence in transportation problems by triangular fuzzy numbers over internet using Java programming W.B.Vasantha, V.Indra and S.Mandalam
81. International Symposium on Optimization and Statistics 8-10 Dec. 1998, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh A new class of codes with higher error correcting capability W.B.Vasantha and R.Sujatha
82. -do- -do- Fuzzy approach to the dynamic optimization problems in chemical engineering W.B.Vasantha and S.R.Kannan
83. -do-  -do- Fuzzy modeling in process synthesis from multi-period heat integrated distillation sequences W.B.Vasantha and S.R.Kannan
84. 64thAnnual Conference, Indian Mathematical Society 19-22 Dec 1998, Gurukal Kangri
Univ. Hardwar.
A new Identity for lattices and its properties W.B.Vasantha
85. -do-  -do- Semimodules over semirings W.B.Vasantha and N. Suresh Babu 
86. -do- -do- Group Matrices W.B.Vasantha and S.R.Kannan
87. -do- -do- Hamiltonian group rings
W.B.Vasantha and V.Vaithiyanathan
88. -do- -do- Construction of finite groupoids using integers W.B.Vasantha and A.Govindaraj
89. -do- -do- Mathematical approach to socio economic problem using Fuzzy Cognitive Map W.B.Vasantha
90. -do- -do- Study of socio economic problem using combined Fuzzy Cognitive Map W.B.Vasantha and S.Uma
91. -do- -do- Supermodularity of subloops in loop W.B.Vasantha and S.V.Singh
92. -do-  -do- Estimation of passengers preference using Fuzzy Cognitive Map W.B.Vasantha and V Indra
93. -do-  -do-  Concatenated codes with rank metric W.B.Vasantha and R.Sujatha
 94. Mathematical Methods and Applications 22nd Dec. 1998, IIT, Madras. CN-Rings  W.B.Vasantha
95. -do- -do- Mathematical Approach to the Feedback Controls in Jobshops using Fuzzy Theory W.B.Vasantha 
96. -do- -do- Some Classical Results on Bigroups W.B.Vasantha and B.Kavitha
97. -do- -do- On Birings W.B.Vasantha and B.Meenakumari
98. -do-  -do- Flexibility analysis of chemical plants using fuzzy theory W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelankantan and S.R.Kannan
99. -do- -do- Hypergroupoids and its Generalizations W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Raja Durai
100. -do- -do- Hidden pattern on diseases in children using Fuzzy cognitive Maps W.B.Vasantha and M. Ram Kishore
101. -do- -do- Concatenation of integer rank distance codes and it's applications W.B.Vasantha and R.Sujatha
102. 86th Indian Science Congress
3-7 Jan 1999, Anna Univ., Hyper groupoids and Hyper-Loops using modulo integers Z_n W.B.Vasantha
103. -do-  -do- Determination of existence of polymers with given melting points using fuzzy theory W.B.Vasantha,  N.R.Neelakantan and S.R.Kannan 
104. Ramanujan Symposium on Algebra and it's applications 24-26 Feb. 1999 Univ. Madras Fuzzy representation of the inter relation between Indian politics and economy W.B.Vasantha
105. -do- -do- Fuzzy approach to the structural flexibility for heat integrated distillation columns W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan and S.R.Kannan
106. -do-  -do- A equilibrium model for supply and demand in industries with fuzzy preferences W.B.Vasantha and S.Ramthilagam
107. -do- -do- On erasure decoding of maximum rank distance codes W.B.Vasantha and R.Sujatha
108. 65th Annual Conference, Indian Mathematical Society 20-23 Dec 1999 Univ. of Pune, Pune. New class of codes to correct and detect unidirectional and bi-directional error W.B.Vasantha, R.Ramani, R.S.Selvaraj and R.Sujatha
109. -do-  -do- Application of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to study drop outs in primary education W.B.Vasantha and P.Promodth
110. 87th Indian Science Congress 3-7 Jan,.2000, Univ. of Pune New fuzzy Relation Equations to estimate the peak hours of the day W.B.Vasantha and R.Praseetha
 111. -do- -do-  Applications of the BAM model to the problem of female infanticide W.B.Vasantha and V. Anita
112. -do- -do- Personality-Medicine model for Homeopathic medicine using fuzzy associative memories W.B.Vasantha and R.Kamala
 113. -do- -do- FRM to analyze the employer-employee relationship model W.B.Vasantha and Yasmin Sultana
 114. -do- -do- On pseudo commutative elements W.B.Vasantha and Mary Samuel
115. -do- -do- Study of dropouts in primary education using Fuzzy Cognitive Map W.B.Vasantha and P.Pramodth
 116. National Conference on Optimization Techniques in Industrial Mathematics 1-3 Mar 2000, Univ. Madras Applications of BAM to obtain optimal solutions in industrial problems W.B.Vasantha and S.Ramathigalam
 117. -do- -do- Use of optimization techniques in the chemical plant industries W.B.Vasantha and S.R.Kannan
 118. 5th Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society 5-7 June, 2000 Univ. of Madras FCMs and signal flow graphs to study the loss and gain in cement factories W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan, S.Ramathilagam
 119. -do-  -do- A new class of fuzzy RD codes to determine symmetric, asymmetric and unidirectional errors W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Selvaraj
 120. -do- -do- Application of fuzzy theory to study the production demand aspects in chemical plants W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan and S.R.Kannan  
121. -do- -do- On divisible RD codes W.B.Vasantha and
 122. -do- -do- Hybrid ARQ scheme using MRD codes W.B.Vasantha and R.Mohan Raj
123. -do- -do- A new error erasure decoding algorithm for the class of MRD codes W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Rajadurai
124. -do- -do- Application of fuzzy evidence theory to study the cause of heart disease W.B.Vasantha and S.Devakumar
125. International Conference on Recent Advances in Mathematical Sciences 20-22 Dec 2000, IIT Kharaghpur Construction and study of a new class of semivector spaces W.B.Vasantha and Shaibu
126.  -do- -do- A new type of co-subring relation in rings W.B.Vasantha and D.Sukumar 
127. -do- -do- On a new class of non-associative pseudo fields using Z_n W.B.Vasantha and Dennis Williams
128. -do- -do- A mathematical approach to child labour problem using fuzzy databases W.B.Vasantha and S.Devi Yamini
 129. -do- -do- Fuzzy multi-index transportation problems for export of coal, cement and clinker in cement W.B.Vasantha,  N.R.Neelakantan , S.Ramathilagam
130. -do- -do- Rule based control system to study the performance aspect of school students W.B.Vasantha and N.Madan
131. -do- -do- Use of fuzzy sets to study the problems of old age people W.B.Vasantha and P.V.Komathi
132. -do- -do- Applications of fuzzy theory to indian politics W.B.Vasantha and M.S.Balu
133. -do- -do- On a new class of Q-ary codes using circulant matrices W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Rajadurai
134. -do- -do- A new class of codes to detect and correct byte errors W.B.Vasantha and R.Sujatha
135. -do- -do- Fuzzy RD codes with rank metric and distance properties W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Selvaraj
136. -do- -do- Use of fuzzy evidence theory to study symptom disease model  W.B.Vasantha, S.Devakumar and N.Uma Sankari
137. -do- -do- Replacement of algebraic linear equations by fuzzy relational equations in chemical engineering W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan and S.R.Kannan   
 138. 88th Indian Science Congress 3-7, Jan 2001, Agricultural Univ. New Delhi. Estimation of overall profit to the industries and the maximum satisfaction to the employer using special fuzzy matrix W.B.Vasantha,  N.R.Neelakantan , S.Ramathilagam
139. -do- -do-  Application of fuzzy theory to reduce the waste flow gas in oil refinery W.B.Vasantha, S.R.Kannan and N.R.Neelakantan   
 140. Seminar on the Mathematical string that cuts across all...  16th Feb. 2001, Loyola College, Chennai Communication theory   W.B.Vasantha
141. National Conference on the role of mathematics in the new millennium theories and applications 23-25 Mar. 2001 Jadavpur Univ. Calcutta. On quantum codes obtained from RD codes W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Raja Durai
 142. -do-  -do- Tilings of rank-metric spaces W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Selvaraj
143. -do- -do- Hypersemigroups W.B.Vasantha and S.Shaibu
144. -do- -do- Error and erasure techniques for circulant codes W.B.Vasantha and R.Sujatha
 145. -do- -do- Study of electrophysiologic models of heart cells and cell networks using fuzzy theory W.B.Vasantha and S.Devakumar
 146. -do- -do- Extension semifield and Galois Semigroup W.B.Vasantha and
147. -do- -do- Performance aspects of employee and satisfaction of the employer using fuzzy theory W.B.Vasantha and A. Minor
148. -do- -do- Loop semiring where semiringgs are lattice W.B.Vasantha and K. Senthilkumar
149. -do- -do- Use of fuzzy associative memories (FAM) to predict the cement quality W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan, S.Ramathilagam
150. -do- -do- Fuzzy linear programming model for the productions schedule of chemical plants W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan and S.R.Kannan
151. National Conference of the Indian Mathematical Society 19-22 Dec 2000 Aurangabad Maharashtra Use of Fuzzy Network to study material Mix in Cement Plant W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan, S.Ramathilagam 
152. -do-  -do- Fuzzy Control to study Crude Fractiontor W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan and S.R.Kannan  
153. National Conference on
Challenges of the 21st Century in Mathematics and its allied topics
3-4 Feb 2001 Dept. of Maths Univ. of Mysore Divisible MRD Codes W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Selvaraj  
154. -do-  -do- Fuzzy Logic Control Systems to Study Symptom Disease Model W.B.Vasantha and S.Devakumar
155. -do- -do- Use of Fuzzy set theory to obtain Temperature Set Point of Kerosene in Kalundborg Refinery W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan and S.R.Kannan   
156. -do- -do- Demi-Modules   W.B.Vasantha and K.S.Kumar
157. -do- -do- An Error Erasure Decoding Algorithm to the [n A , k] tensor codes with rank metric W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Raja Durai 
158. -do- -do- Fuzzy Optimization Techniques in Kiln Process W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan, S.Ramathilagam
159. -do- -do- Estimation of production and Loss and Gain to Industries using Matrices W.B.Vasantha and A.Minor
160. Symposium on Mathematical Methods and Applications 22nd Dec. 2000, IIT, Madras Linear Transformation for Semi-vector spaces W.B.Vasantha and A. Arockiasamy 
161. -do- -do- Groupoid Rings W.B.Vasantha and S.Balaguru
162. -do- -do- On Weakly Semi Super Boolean Algebras W.B.Vasantha and A.Baskar
163. -do- -do- Idempotents in Group Semirings W.B.Vasantha and K.Chitra
164. -do- -do- Fuzzy Techniques to Study the Electrocardiogram Diagnosis W.B.Vasantha and S.Devakumar
165. -do- -do- A New Fuzzy Multidimensional System to Study Complicated problems W.B.Vasantha and Henry Jerome
166. -do- -do- Quality of Working Life in Industries - A fuzzy Analysis W.B.Vasantha and A.Minor
167. -do- -do- Properties of Group Semirings when Semirings are finite distributive Lattices W.B.Vasantha and R.Mohanraj
168. -do- -do- Risk Assessment and Accident Analysis in Industries using Fuzzy Possibility Programming W.B.Vasantha and V.Mugundan
169. -do- -do- Development of Long Range Planning for a Chemical Plant using Fuzzy Programming W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan and S.R.Kannan
 170. -do- -do- Minimization of Manufacturing Cost using Fuzzy Control in Cement Plant W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan, S.Ramathilagam 
 171. -do- -do- On the Covering Radius of Q-Ary Circulant MRD Codes W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Raja Durai
 172. -do- -do-  Fuzzy Group Rings and Fuzzy Subrings of Group rings W.B.Vasantha and Regin Thangaraj
 173. -do- -do- On a New Error Correcting Decoding Technique for Circulation Codes  W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Selvaraj
 174. -do- -do- Multivalent Fuzzy Cognitive Maps to study the Unemployment Problems   W.B.Vasantha and S.Subhaashree
 175. -do- -do- Fuzzy Theory to Study the Relation between publicity and marketing W.B.Vasantha and N.Uma Sankari
 176. International Conference on Industrial Mathematics 12-14 Aug 2001 IIT, Madras Operability study of decision tables in a Chemical Plant using Hierarchical Genetic Fuzzy Control Algorithms W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan and S.R.Kannan
 177. -do-  -do- Work related accidents and compensation assessment to workers in industries W.B.Vasantha and V.Mugundan
 178. -do- -do- Application of Fuzzy Control Theory to minimize the pollution due to waste dust emitted by the cement industries W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan, S.Ramathilagam
 179. -do- -do- Frameproof rank distance codes for copyright protection of digital data W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Selvaraj 
 180. -do- -do- Use of Modified Fuzzy Baye's method in Medical expert systems W.B.Vasantha and S.Devakumar 
 181. -do- -do- Study of Occupational Hazards in Textile Industries using Fuzzy Cognitive Map  W.B.Vasantha and A.Minor
182. -do- -do- A multicast hybrid ARQ scheme using MDS codes with rank metric W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Rajadurai
183. Third International Conference on AIDS India 1-5 Dec.2001 M.G.R. Medical
Univ., Madras
Study of Interrelational Feelings between AIDS Patients and Public Using Fuzzy Theory W.B.Vasantha
184. National symposium on Mathematical Methods and Application 22 Dec. 2001 , IIT, Madras Study of pollution by textile industries using Bidirectional Associative Memories W.B.Vasantha, N.R.Neelakantan and A.Minor 
 185. -do-  -do- Symmetric group semirings W.B.Vasantha and A.Arockiasamy 
 186. -do- -do- Trinary Matrices of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps and their Fuzzy Directed Graphs W.B.Vasantha and T.Pathinathan
187. -do- -do- Jordan Loops and Jordan groupoids  W.B.Vasantha and V.Vaithiyanathan
 188. -do- -do- A new type of relation of rings  W.B.Vasantha and Mary John
 189. -do- -do- Fuzzy Analysis of unemployment problem respect to the technical closure of units and implementation of machine W.B.Vasantha and Earnest Piriyakumar
 190. -do- -do- On Fuzzy Graph Pairs W.B.Vasantha and T.Pathinathan
 191. -do- -do- Seminilpotent elements of a group ring W.B.Vasantha and T.Kanagamuthu
 192. -do- -do- Near Semilattices and quasi near Semilattices W.B.Vasantha and P.Ganesan
 193. UGC sponsored National Seminar on Recent Developments in Mathematical Applications Sri G.V.G. Visalakshi College for women (autonomous) Udumalaipet, TN. February 1-2, 2002 A Study of Hacking of E-mail by students using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps W.B.Vasantha and E.L.Piriyakumar 
 194. Joint 9th National Conference of the Vijnana Parishad of India on Appl. & Industrial Mat. & 5th Annual Conf. of Indian Soc. of Information Theory & Appl.  Netaji Subhash Inst. of Technology Dwarka, New Delhi, February 22-24, 2002 Fuzzy Model to study the Hazardous and Large Scale social problems due to the rapid increase of Technical Institutions in India W.B.Vasantha and Fr. K. Amal, S.J.
 195. -do-  -do- Study of Women Empowerment relative to community mobilization using FAM Model W.B.Vasantha and Sebastian Jeyaraj 
 196. -do-  -do-  Fuzzy Cognitive Map Model to study the depression and the wish for death in the terminally ill patients W.B.Vasantha and K. Nirmala 
 197. -do-  -do- Child Labour problem using the BAM-model W.B.Vasantha and T.Pathinathan 
198. -do-  -do- Maximum Rank distance codes with complementary duals W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Rajadurai 
199. UGC-CSIR National Symposium on Statistical Methods and Applications  Annamalai Univ., Dept. of Statistics, March 15-16, 2002 Failed Technical Education Planning -- A Study of the adverse effects in Tamil nadu using Fuzzy Associative Memories W.B.Vasantha and E.L.Piriyakumar 
200. -do-  -do-  Social and Psychological aspects of HIV-indected children -- A fuzzy theory approach W.B.Vasantha and S.Rajasekharan 
201. -do-  -do-  Minimization of SO_x using fuzzy control theory in cement industry W.B.Vasantha , S.Ramathilagam and N.R.Neelakantan
202. -do-  -do- A New Fuzzy Clustur Analysis applied to FAMs  W.B.Vasantha and Moon Kumar Chetry
203. -do-  -do- Internet Addiction and its effects on student behaviour -- A fuzzy analysis W.B.Vasantha and Mary John
204. -do-  -do- Estimation of unknown flow rates of splinter mixer using new fuzzy relational neural network method W.B.Vasantha S.R.Kannan and N.R.Neelakantan
 205. 17th Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society June 10-13, 2002 Banaras Hindu Univ. Dept. of Appl. Math Study of Health Hazards associated with handling of solid wastes using neural networks W.B.Vasantha and M.S.Balu
206. -do- -do- Study of Bonded Labour problem using fuzzy relational equations W.B.Vasantha and E.L.Piriyakumar
207. -do-  -do- Can Information on HIV/AIDS to school children be given in a non-school environment: A Fuzzy Analysis W.B.Vasantha and T. Kanagamuthu
208. -do-  -do- Analysis of education deprivation in India using Multi-FAMS W.B.Vasantha and Moon Kumar Chetry
 209. -do-  -do- On the construction of circulant tensor codes W.B.Vasantha and R.S. Rajadurai
 210. National Seminar on Algebra and its Applications sponsored by the UGC, CSIR, DST and Indian National Academy  Dept. of Maths., Andhra Univ., Vishakapatnam, Aug. 30-Sept. 1, 2002. T-direct codes: simplifies maximum likelihood of decoding problem W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Rajadurai 
 211. -do-  -do-  An algorithm for reducibility of polynomials in Zp[x]  W.B.Vasantha and T.Johnson 
 212. -do-  -do-  Study of the inter-relation between HIV/AIDS patients and their socio-economic conditions using Fuzzy Theory W.B.Vasantha 
 213. -do-  -do-  Loop semirings W.B.Vasantha and T.Pathinathan 
 214. -do-  -do- Health hazards associated with wastes from chemical industry using Fuzzy relational equations W.B.Vasantha and A. Victor Devdoss 
 215. -do-  -do- MRD-Fire codes W.B.Vasantha and N.Madan Kumar 
 216. -do-  -do- Groupoid semirings W.B.Vasantha and Moon Kumar Chetry
217. Proceedings of 2002 IEEE Information Theory Workshop (Sponsored by the IEEE information theiry soc.) IISc Bangalore, October 20 -25, 2002. T-direct codes: An application to BAC W.B.Vasantha and R. S. Rajadurai
 218. -do-  -do- Multi-covering radii of codes with rank-metric W.B.Vasantha and R. S. Selvaraj
 219. International conference on analysis and discrete structures (ICADS - 2002) Dept. of Maths., IIT Kharagpur, December 22-24, 2002 New Spectral Theorem for Vector spaces over finite fields Z_p W.B.Vasantha and T.Johnson
220. -do-  -do-  Generalized r-chinese groups and normal chinese groups  W.B.Vasantha and N.Madan Kumar
 221. -do-  -do-  Semidivision rings W.B.Vasantha and M. Pradhab
222. -do-  -do- On Groupoid Rings W.B.Vasantha and Moon Kumar Chetry
 223. -do-  -do-  Super idempotents and Zero divisors in Group rings  W.B.Vasantha and Debdas Mishra
224. -do-  -do-  Awareness of HIV/AIDS in rural areas -- a fuzzy approach W.B.Vasantha and P. Ganesan 
 225. -do-  -do-  On multi covering radii of rank metric codes  W.B.Vasantha and R. S. Selvaraj 
226. -do- -do- On the construction of circulant [n^dn,k] tensor codes with an erasure technique W.B.Vasantha and R. S. Rajadurai
227. -do- -do- Maximum rank distance codes with complementary duals -- an application to F-adder channel W.B.Vasantha and R. S. Rajadurai
228. -do- -do- Control of Grinding circuit in cement industries using Fuzzy Expert Systems W.B.Vasantha and N.R.Neelakantan and S.Ramathilgam
229. National Symposium on Mathematical Methods and Applications Dept. of Maths., IIT Madras, December 21, 2002 Study of children as victims of cyber-crime using FAM-model W.B.Vasantha and Fr. K.Amal, s.j.
230. -do- -do- Loop semirings which are Marot semirings W.B.Vasantha and J.Jon Arockiaraj
231. -do- -do- On loop rings of a special class of loops W.B.Vasantha and A.Virgin Raj
232. -do- -do- Study of depression in Cancer patients using FCM model W.B.Vasantha and K. Nirmala
233. -do- -do- Bhopal Gas Tragedy and its aftermath : A study using Fuzzy Models W.B.Vasantha and Victor Devdoss
234. -do- -do- A Fuzzy Analysis of Suicide by Farmers W.B.Vasantha and Henry Jerome
235. -do- -do- High Risk Groups of AIDS carriers are street children : A Fuzzy Approach W.B.Vasantha and N.R.Neelakantan
236. -do- -do- The danger of genetically engineered crops: A fuzzy approach W.B.Vasantha and E. L. Piriyakumar
237. -do- -do- Study of a new identity in lattices W.B.Vasantha and D.Rajan
238. -do- -do- Dropouts in primary education using Fuzzy Relational Maps (FRM) W.B.Vasantha and P.Pathinathan
239. -do- -do- A new class of non-associative partial rings W.B.Vasantha and S. Johnson Savarimuthu
240. -do- -do- On Quasi Loop rings W. B. Vasantha M.Mary John and Rosemary
241. -do- -do- Normal elements in groupoids W. B. Vasantha and Z. Joyce
242. -do- -do- Smarandache Groupoids W.B.Vasantha and J.Sujatha
243. -do- -do- Orthogonal ideals and filters in lattices W.B.Vasantha and T.Henson
244. -do- -do- On non-associative semirings W.B.Vasantha and N.Kannappa
245. -do- -do- A new type of inner commutativity in groups W.B.Vasantha and M.P.Gnanavel
246. -do- -do- On Quasi semi-commutative rings W.B.Vasantha and Mary John
247. -do- -do- SG-rings W.B.Vasantha and Stephen Dinagar
248. -do- -do- Semiright commutativity in loops W.B.Vasantha and L.Henry
249. -do- -do- Coded semivector spaces W.B.Vasantha and V.Vaithiyanathan
250. -do- -do- Generalized semi-ideals of groupoid rings W.B.Vasantha and S.Narayanamoorthy
251. -do- -do- A Study of n-like group rings W.B.Vasantha and S.Elumalai
252. -do- -do- Semigroup semirings W.B.Vasantha and Fr.A.Arockiasamy
253. -do- -do- Loop rings of Jordan loops W.B.Vasantha and J.M.Parimala Kanthi
254. NBHM sponsored National Symposium on Mathematics Jan 9 - 11, 2003 St.Thomas College, Kozhenchery Kerala T-direct codes - A necessary and sufficient condition W. B.Vasantha and R. S. Rajadurai
255. Conference on Recent Trends in Algebra and Analysis (sponsored by UGC/DSA and the CSIR) March 3-5, 2003 Dept. of Maths. Aligarh Muslim Univ. Aligarh, UP Reservation in India : A Fuzzy Analysis W.B.Vasantha and E.L.Piriyakumar
256. -do- -do- Semi-automaton and automaton using Smarandache groupoids W.B.Vasantha and Moon Kumar Chetry
257. -do- -do- Quasi strongly modular lattices and its properties W.B.Vasantha and D.Rajan
258. -do- -do- Types of commutativity in rings W.B.Vasantha and Z.Joyce
259. -do- -do- Commutative group rings KG and their chromatic number X(KG) W.B.Vasantha and S.Paramasivam
260. -do- -do- Quasi center in semirings W.B.Vasantha and N.Kannappan
261. -do- -do- S-Biloops W.B.Vasantha and Y.I.Showriraju
262. -do- -do- Serial and weakly serial groups W.B.Vasantha and M.P.Gnanavel
263. International Symposium on Theory of Rings and Modules May 7-8, 2003 Dept. of Maths., Aligarh Muslim University, UP On Smarandache Rings and their properties W.B.Vasantha
264. -do- -do- Smarandache Groupoid Rings and its properties W.B.Vasantha and Moon Kumar Chetry
265. -do- -do- On the chromatic number X(KL) of the commutative loop rings using the new class of loops L_n(M) W.B.Vasantha and K.Paramasivam
266. -do- -do- Semi-modules over semirings W.B.Vasantha and M.Pradhab
267. -do- -do- Bimodules over birings W.B.Vasantha and Y.Showri Raju
268. Third Asian-European Workshop on Information Theory The Society of Information Theory and its Applications, June 25-28, 2003, Kamogawa, Chiba, Japan Some results on T-Direct Codes W.B.Vasantha and R.S.Rajadurai
269. National Seminar on Graph Theory and Fuzzy Mathematics August 28-30, 2003, Department of Mathematics, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta & Kerala Math. Assoc., India The Impact of Missionary Intervention on the Education and Rehabilition of Deprived Children -- A Fuzzy Analysis W.B.Vasantha, T.Pathinathan and M.Mary John
270. -do- -do- Chromatic number of commutative semirings W.B.Vasantha and K.Paramasivam
271. -do- -do- Technical education in Tamil Nadu -- A Fuzzy Approach W.B.Vasantha and Praveen Prakash
272. -do- -do- The Effect of Globalization on Silk Weavers who are Bonded Labourers using Fuzzy Relational Equations W.B.Vasantha, Narayana Moorthy and Mary John
273. -do- -do- Use of Fuzzy Associative Memories (FAM) Model to study the employment of child labourers in Teashops and Hotels W.B.Vasantha, S.Elumalai and Mary John
274. -do- -do- Migrant labourers as a high-risk group to HIV/AIDS --- A BAM Model W.B.Vasantha and Abdul Hakeem Raja
275. National Symposium on Mathematical Methods and Applications Dept. of Maths., IIT Madras, December 21, 2003 Smarandache Notions in Groups W.B.Vasantha, J. Sujatha and Mary John
276. -do- -do- S-semirings and its properties W.B.Vasantha and A. Arockiamary
277. -do- -do- Special Elements in S-semirings W.B.Vasantha and T. Henson
278. -do- -do- S-semifields and S-semivector spaces W.B.Vasantha and S. Johnson Savarimuthu
279. -do- -do- S-substructures in loops W.B.Vasantha and J. Jon Arockiaraj
280. -do- -do- Fuzzy relational maps to study the types of cancers and their cause W.B.Vasantha and R. Nallaswamy and K. Nirmala
281. -do- -do- Chromatic Number of a groupoid W.B.Vasantha and K. Paramasivam
282. -do- -do- The plight of rag-pickers in Madras city using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps W.B.Vasantha and P. Elumalai and M. Mary John
283. -do- -do- Study of brick-makers as bonded labourers using weighted multi-expert neural networks W.B.Vasantha and S. Narayanamurthy and M. Mary John
284. -do- -do- Use of fuzzy analysis to study the parent student inter-relationship model in case of engineering students W.B.Vasantha and A. Praveen Prakash
285. -do- -do- Some classical theorems in Smarandache semigroups W.B.Vasantha and M. Mary John
286. -do- -do- On some special elements of groupoid rings W.B.Vasantha and Moon Kumar Chetry
287. -do- -do- S-commutative loops and its properties W.B.Vasantha and M. Parimala Kanthi
288. -do- -do- A note on t-direct cyclic codes and its applications W.B.Vasantha and R. S. Raja Durai
289. -do- -do- On Bisemigroups and its Applications W.B.Vasantha and Y. I. Showriraju
290. -do- -do- S-rings and their properties W.B.Vasantha and T.Subramaniyam
291. -do- -do- S-elements in Non-associative rings W.B.Vasantha and Virgin Raj
292. -do- -do- Analysis of School Dropouts among female children using Fuzzy Associative Memories W.B.Vasantha, T. Pathinathan and M. Mary John
293. -do- -do- Bidirectional associative memories to study chemical hazards faced by farmers W.B.Vasantha and Victor Devadoss
294. -do- -do- Study of HIV/AIDS patients using RTD matrices W.B.Vasantha and T. Johnson
295. UGC Sponsored Seminar on Decision Making Techniques 4, 5 Sept 2004 A.V.V. M. Sri Puspam College, Poondi, Tanjore. Prevalence of Tobacco Related Cancers Among Rural Men using FCM W.B.Vasantha, K. Nirumala and R. Nallasamy
296. UGC Sponsored Seminar on Mathematical Methods in Social Sciences 8, 9 Sept 2004 Department of Mathematics, Jamal Mohammed College, Tiruchi. On Some Properties of Smarandache Near-rings W.B.Vasantha, T. Ramaraj and N. Kaanappa
297. -do- -do- Analysis of Social and Economic Problems related with Cervical Cancer Patients using BAM Model W.B.Vasantha, K. Nirumala and R. Nallasamy
298. -do- -do- Estimation of Maximum Age Group of Agricultural Labourers with Pollution Related Cardio Vascular Problem using Fuzzy Matrices W.B.Vasantha and Victor Devadoss
299. -do- -do- Linked Fuzzy Relational Maps to Study the Relation between Migration and School Dropouts in Tamil Nadu W.B.Vasantha, T.Pathinathan and Mary John
300. -do- -do- Smarandache Free Groupoids and its Application to Automaton W.B.Vasantha and Moon K. Chetry
301. -do- -do- Analysis of the Socio-economic Problems faced by Bonded Labourers using Fuzzy Neural Network Systems W.B.Vasantha, S. Narayanamoorthy and Mary John
302. -do- -do- Socio-Economic Problems faced by Rag-pickers using Overlap Block Fuzzy Cognitive Maps W.B.Vasantha, P.Elumalai and Mary John
303. -do- -do- Allocation of Funds to Benefit HIV/AIDS Patients using Transportation Model W.B.Vasantha and T.Johnson
304. National Conference on Mathematical Modelling and Analysis

Oct 8-9, 2004. Birla Inst. of Tech. and Sci. BITS, Pilani, Rajasthan, India

Study of Problems faced by School Dropouts Using Applied Fuzzy Analysis W.B.Vasantha, T.Pathinathan and Mary John
305. -do- -do- Study of Problems faced by Bonded Labourers near Kodaikanal forests using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps W.B.Vasantha, S.Narayanamoorthy and Mary John
306. -do- -do- Analysis of Health Hazards faced by Rag-pickers of Chennai city using Fuzzy Relational Maps W.B.Vasantha, P.Elumalai and
Mary John
307. National Symposium on Mathematical Methods and Applications Dept. of Maths., IIT Madras, December 22, 2004 On Bisemirings W.B.Vasantha, V.W.J. Anand and A.Victor Devadoss
308. -do- -do- Smarandache Jordan Algebras W.B.Vasantha and C.Christopher
309. -do- -do- S-biquasigroups and its properties W.B.Vasantha and Y.I.Showriraju
310. -do- -do- Smarandache substructures in groupoid rings W.B.Vasantha and J.Jon Arokiaraj
311. -do- -do- Smarandache double cosets in a S-semigroup W.B.Vasantha, J.Sujatha and M.Mary John
312. -do- -do- Pollution related cancers--A FAM Analysis W.B.Vasantha, R.Nallasamy and K.Nirmala
313. -do- -do- Analysis of drop-outs from private schools using fuzzy morphisms W.B.Vasantha, Pathinathan and M.Mary John
314. -do- -do- Study of S-zero divisors and S-idempotents in rings W.B.Vasantha and T.Subramaniyan
315. -do- -do- Some new classes of commutative groupoids and their chromatic number W.B.Vasantha and K.Paramasivam
316. -do- -do- Special elements in S-rings W.B.Vasantha, P.Ganesan and M.Mary John
317. -do- -do- Bisemivector spaces and its properties W.B.Vasantha and S.Johnson
318. -do- -do- Study of the problems faced by new engineering colleges using a FCM model W.B.Vasantha and Praveen Prakash
319. -do- -do- A note on super edge-magic graphs W.B.Vasantha, K.Paramasivam and R.Balakrishnan
320. -do- -do- Estimation of the maximum age-group of the agricultural labourers having health problems due to chemical pollution using matrices W.B.Vasantha and A.Victor Devdoss
321. -do- -do- Analysis of the raw data related to symptoms of HIV/AIDS patients using fuzzy relational operators W.B.Vasantha and T.Johnson
322. -do- -do- Analysis of social and psychological problems of bonded labourers using overlap FCMS W.B.Vasantha, S.Narayanamoorthy and M.Mary John
323. -do- -do- Crime and Media Analysis using FRM W.B.Vasantha, J.Maria Roy Felix and A.Victor Devadoss
324. -do- -do- Group B-algebras and Group L-algebras W.B.Vasantha and E.K.R. Nagarajan
325. -do- -do-

Social and psychological problems faced by ragpickers of Chennai city using BAM model

W.B.Vasantha, P.Elumalai and M.Mary John
326. -do- -do- S-quasi regular elements of a non-associative ring W.B.Vasantha and Moon Kumar Chetry
327. National Seminar on Mathematical Methods 25-27 Nov. 2004, Dept. of Math., Sacred Heart College, Tiruppathtur Mathematical Analysis of Social and Psychological problems faced by HIV/AIDS patients W.B.Vasantha
328. Interdisciplinary Seminar on Social Problems 17-18 Dec 2004, Post Graduate and Research, Dept. of Social Work, Sacred Heart College, Tiruppathtur Use of FRMs to analyse the socio-economic problems of HIV/AIDS affected women patients W.B.Vasantha
329. National Seminar on Recent Trends in Cryptography with Coding Theory 24-26 Feb 2005, Union Christian College, Alwaye, Kerala, and Kerala Mathematical Association On a new class of codes W.B.Vasantha and R.Rajkumar
330. Proceedings of the State Level Seminar on Industrial Mathematics 19-20 Nov. 2005, Islamiah College, Vaniyambadi Use of CETD matrix techniques to analyse the vulnerable age group among run away children who become rag pickers W.B.Vasantha, P.Elumalai and M.Mary John
331. -do- -do- Fuzzy non homogeneous data analysis model W.B.Vasantha and T.Johnson
332. -do- -do- A fuzzy analysis of the labour standards in the Tirupur garment industries W.B.Vasantha and T.Karuppusamy
333. -do- -do- Use of overlap block FCMs to study bonded labourer problem W.B.Vasantha, S.Narayanamoorthy and M.Mary John
334. -do- -do- School Environment – A cause for increase in school dropouts – Fuzzy analysis W.B.Vasantha, Pathinathan and M.Mary John
335. 71st Annual Conference of Indian Mathematical Society 26-29 Dec. 2005, Dept. of Maths, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee Use of best biapproximztion in algebraic bicoding theory W.B.Vasantha and R.Rajkumar
336. -do- -do- Study of social and Psychological problems faced by rag pickers – using CETD matrix techniques W.B.Vasantha, P.Elumalai and M.Mary John
337. -do- -do- Analysis of socio economic problems faced by bonded labourers using AFCM Techniques W.B.Vasantha, S.Narayanamoorthy and M.Mary John
338. -do- -do- Environmental pollution by dyeing industries – A FAM analysis W.B.Vasantha and T.Karuppusamy
339. 25th Colloquium on Combinatorics Otto van Guericke University, Germany On colouring Boolean Algebra and Boolean Semigroup W.B.Vasantha and K.Paramasivam
340. International Conference on Recent Developments in Combinatorics and Graph Theory 10-14 June 2007, Kalasinglam Univ., India On k-super edge-magic graphs W.B.Vasantha and K.Paramasivam
341. 14th International Conference in Computational Mathematical and Statistical Methods of the FIM 6-8 Jan 2007, Indian Institute of Technology Madras A Characterization of super edge-magic graphs W.B.Vasantha and K.Paramasivam
342. National Conference on Emerging Trends in Automaton 6 Oct 2007, Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering & Technology, Pondicherry The Problem faced by People with Disabilities-A Fuzzy Analysis W.B. Vasantha, K. Thirusangu and A.Praveen Prakash
343. National Conference on Recent Development in the Applications of Mathematics towards Bio-Sciences and Management Sciences 29-30 Sept 2006, Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur, Tamil Nadu Fuzzy Analysis of the Reservations for OBC students in Technical institutions W.B. Vasantha and A.Praveen Prakash
344. -do- -do- Subsemigroups of Bisemigroups and their applications to N-automatons W.B. Vasantha, K.Thirusangu and T.Subhramaniyam
345. International Conference on Computers and Network Technology 24-26 July 2009, Chennai, India A class of Cayley graph interconnection networks based on Rosenbloom-Tsfasman metric W.B.Vasantha and R.Rajkumar
346. International Conference on Mathematical Methods and Computation 24-25 July 2009, Jamal Mohamed College, Trichy Fuzzy codes with RT Metric and Distance Properties W.B.Vasantha and R.Rajkumar
347. -do- -do- Automorphism group of distance graphs of metric spaces with RT metric W.B.Vasantha and R.Rajkumar
348. 24th Annual National Conference of the Mathematical Society 30-31 Dec 2008, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi Some metrical problems with RT metric W.B.Vasantha and R.Rajkumar
349. International Conference on Operations Research for a Growing Nation 15-17 Dec 2008, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati, India Distance properties of Fuzzy RT Distance Codes W.B.Vasantha and R.Rajkumar
350. National seminar on Algebra, Analysis and Discrete Mathematics 10-12 Dec 2008, University of Kerala, Kerala, India Distance graphs of metric spaces with RT metric W.B.Vasantha and R.Rajkumar
351. 2nd National Conference Mathematical Techniques: Emerging Paradigms for Electronics and IT Industries 26-28 Sep 2008, Deen Dayal Upathyaya College, New Delhi, India Circulant Codes with RT metric W.B.Vasantha and R.Rajkumar
352. National Symposium on Mathematical Methods and Applications 22nd Dec. 2004, Dept. of Maths., IIT Madras, India Neutrosophic pairs of numbers W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, R. Vasuki and S. Poornavel
353. -do- -do- Simple FCMs to analyze the problems of the locals due to disposal of solid waste in Kodungaiyur W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, R. Vasuki and K. Thulukkaanam
354. -do- -do- Fuzzy linguistic matrices W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, A. Praveen Prakash, and N. Lakshmipathy
355. -do- -do- Fuzzy metric dimension of fuzzy graphs W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy and Regin Thangaraj
356. -do- -do- Failure in mathematics among students studying engineering courses in colleges-a study using FRM Model W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, A. Praveen Prakash and Esther Jerlin
357. -do- -do- FRMs to study college teacher-student relationship W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, S. Udayakumar and S. Geethalakshmi
358. -do- -do- New FCMs with threshold to analyze the stock market trends W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, A. Udayakumar and G. Kavitha
359. -do- -do- Analysis of Fuzzy Graphs in Fuzzy Models W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, R. Vasuki and P. Nedumaran
360. -do- -do- Study of social, economic and cultural problems of fishermen community-using fuzzy linguistic cognitive maps W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, A. Praveen Prakash and Beena James
361. -do- -do- New average fuzzy relational to analyse customers preference to roadside eateries W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, P. Sekar and K. Vidhyalakshmi
362. -do- -do- Study of health hazards in using pesticides in food processing: A fuzzy analysis W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, A. Praveen Prakash and H. Ebenezer
363. -do- -do- Peer pressure faced by high school students-A fuzzy analysis W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, S. Udayakumar and R. Shanmuga Priya
364. -do- -do- Study of rural adolescent school-going children with disabilities-A Fuzzy Analysis W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, S. Udayakumar and S. Gurumurthy
365. -do- -do- Child marriage a social problem in India: Study using FRM W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, R. Vasuki, and B. Kamaraj
366. -do- -do- Development of personality through education: Emerging trends W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy and A. Praveen Prakash
367. -do- -do- New class of pseudo lattice graphs W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy, P. Sekar and M. Rehana Praveen
368. International Conference on Recent Advances in Pure and Applied Mathematics 6th-9th November 2014, Antalya, Turkey On the Metric Dimension of Uniform Fuzzy Graphs W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy and Regin Thangaraj
369. International Conference on Soft Computing in Applied Science and Engineering 23rd -24th July 2015, Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Noorul Islam University, Kanyakumari Study of Traffic flow using CETD Matrix G. Kuppuswami, R. Sujatha and W. B. Vasantha Kandasamy